Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fairy Birthday Banner

Good Afternoon Everyone! Today I want to share with you a Fairy Birthday Banner that I made! (Created with a pattern from LSHD.)

For the banner base I used the tag pattern from the file and just flipped it upside down. I also took one of the stars and sliced it into the tag base in Design Space. I did this so that the banner base would have 2 stars located on opposite sides at the top so that I could string ribbon through them to hang the banner. For the three glitter flourish banner pieces, I took a flourish from the pattern and then just welded it in Design Space to the banner base. The font that I used is a font I purchased from DJ Inkers. With Design Space you can actually cut all of your own system fonts. So once I purchased and downloaded the font to my computer, the font then was automatically available to use in Design Space. 

After finalizing my design, I then cut out all of the pieces in glitter and plain card stock. I then inked and chalked all of the edges. Next I assembled all of the pieces and attached them to my banner sections. I then glued tiny green star cut outs from the banner bases to 3 inch pieces of shiny silver string and then attached them to the bottoms of the banner pieces. Lastly I threaded my green ribbon through the tops of the banner sections and then added all of the highlights with a white paint pen.  I hope that you enjoyed my banner and thank you so very much for stopping by today!

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