Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Haunted House Card

Good Morning Everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts, I just got back from our family vacation. Today I want to share with you a Haunted House Shaped Card that I made! (Created with a pattern from LSHD.)

To create this super fun card, first I uploaded the pattern into Design Space. I then ungrouped the image and layered all of the Haunted House Pieces. I then grouped the Haunted House and made a Duplicate Copy. Next I selected the duplicate copy and selected Weld so that I would be left with a base shadow layer. I then made another copy of the welded image and flipped the image vertically so that the two sides would mirror each other. Next I put both welded images slightly overlapping on the edge where I wanted my card to fold. I then selected both welded pieces and selected weld one last time to create my shaped card base. Next I just added and attached a score line in the center of the card. Once my card base was designed I then sized the skeletons to my desired height for my card. Next I cut out all of the paper pieces in plain card stock with my Explore. I then inked and chalked all of the paper edges to add dimension. After that I assembled everything and attached it to my shaped card base. To finish I added the highlights with a white paint pen. Thank you so very much for stopping by and have a wonderful day! -Mindy