Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nightmare Pals Layout and Treat Bag

Hello Everyone! Today I want to share with you a Nightmare Pals Layout and Treat Bag that I created for the Little Scraps Of Heaven Designs Facebook Hop going on today!

To create my Nightmare Pals Characters I had to combine 5 different LSHD files. The files I used are as follows: Ghoulishly Grim, Emotional Crew, Just Hanging Out, Sweet Paradise, and This Spooky House. You can find these files here:

Next I will list each character and tell you which files and which parts I used from those files:

The Jack-o-Lantern-  I used the pumpkin from the file Ghoulishly Grim. I used all the pieces of the pumpkin minus his nose for both the layout and treat bag.

The Hill- To create the hill I used the tree from the file Just Hanging Out. I enlarged the tree and then in Design Space used a square to slice off just the curled portion that was the perfect hill shape. I then deleted the rest of the tree and only kept the hill shape.

Rag Doll- For the Rag Doll I took her body, head, arms, legs, hands, eyes, dress, and shoes from the file Emotional Crew. I used the pieces from the Happy Girl image. For her hair I used the Hula girls hair from the file Sweet Paradise. The most complicated part of the Rag Doll was creating her patchwork dress. To do this I made a duplicate copy of the dress in Design Space and then used a circle enlarged to different sizes to slice out the patchwork pieces of her dress. I continued this process of slicing until I was happy with the patchwork look. I then created a small patch on her dress with a square, and the two dots on her dress by sizing a circle to my desired size. Also for the eyes I only kept the black pupil and deleted the colored portion since the Rag Doll has black eyes. Also since the Rag Doll does not have bangs, I used a circle to slice the bangs off of the hair.

Skeleton- For the Skeleton body, arms, legs, and shoes I used the Scared Guy image from the file Emotional Crew. For the Head, Eyes, Mouth, Bat Bow Tie and Hands I used the skeleton and bat images from the file This Spooky House. To start I sized the head to fit with the body. I then made the eyes bigger and flipped them. Next I took the mouth and stretched it out horizontally in Design Space to span the entire head. I also stretched the bat in the same way to resemble the Bat Bow Tie better. For the coat tails on the skeleton jacket I just welded two triangles together and sized them to fit perfectly behind the jacket. Lastly to create the nostrils I just sized a circle to the perfect size and then duplicated it.

Moon- For the moon I took the moon image from the file This Spooky House and just sized it larger to fit perfectly with my hill.

To create my layout, first I made the mats and frames out of basic shapes in Design Space. I then sized my uploaded and combined Nightmare Pals characters to fit perfectly on my layout. Next I cut out all of the pattern pieces with my Explore in plain and patterned card stock. I then inked and chalked all of the paper edges to create dimension. After that I assembled everything and added all of the stitch marks with a black Micron pen size 02. I then added all of the highlights and the stripes on the Skeletons jacket and pants with a white paint pen. To finish I attached everything to my layout base.

To create the treat bag,  I just used a treat bag image from the Cricut library. Next I sized a square mat to fit inside the treat bag. After that I sized the uploaded Skeleton and Pumpkin images to fit my treat bag perfectly. Once I was happy with my design, I cut out all of the pattern pieces in plain and patterned card stock. Next I inked and chalked all of the paper edges to add dimension and shape. I then assembled everything and attached it to my treat bag. To finish I added all of the details with a white paint pen and  black micron pen.

I hope that you enjoyed my projects! Thank you so very much for stopping by and have a fantastic day! -LSHD DT Mindy