Thursday, March 28, 2019

La-La Land Crafts- Gnome Marci Coloring Tutorial

Hello Everyone! Mindy here with you today to share with you a step-by-step coloring tutorial of the brand new Gnome Marci Rubber Stamp from La-La Land Crafts. 

Here is what you will need...

Blending Cardstock
Momento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad
White Gel Pen

Copic Markers: 
Skin: E04, E11, E21, E00, E000, E0000, RV21, RV000
 Hair: E35, E31, E50, Y00
Red: R59, R27, R35, R22, R20
Green: G17, YG09, YG06, YG11
White: C5, C3, C1

Step 1: First stamp Gnome Marci onto your choice of blending cardstock with Tuxedo Black Ink. Next with your Copic E04 followed by E11 add the darkest shadow areas to your stamped Marci image as shown below.

Step 2: Using first E21 and then E00 go over the shadow areas that you previously colored and extend your shading further down for each color used as shown below.

Step 3: Next using first E000, and then E0000, continue to shade over the previous shaded areas and extend the shading for each color used. Finish by coloring over the entire colored skin sections with your E0000 to blend your skin tones seamlessly.

Step 4: To give Marci her pink cheeks, add first your darker pink RV21 to the edges of Marci's cheeks. Then before the RV21 dries blend RV000 on just the edges of the RV21 towards the inside of Marci's face to give shape and depth to her cheeks.

Step 5: To color Marci's blonde hair, start by adding in the darkest detail lines with your E35, next go over those lines and extend further down her hair with E31.

Step 6: To finish the hair go over the same lines and extend them a bit further with E50. Then go over just the darkest shadow areas of Marci's hair with Y00 to add contrast and make the hair stand out.

Step 7: Using R59 followed by R27 add shading to the darkest shadow areas of Marci's hat, and shirt. Before adding shading to the hat, lightly draw in the mushroom circle pattern to the top of Marci's hat with a pencil. Once you are done adding the shading around your drawn circle pattern go ahead and erase your pencil markings.

Step 8: To finish the hat and shirt, go over the same colored sections extending them a bit further each time first using R27, then R22, and lastly R20 until you create a smooth blend.

Step 9:  Using G17 followed by YG09  add shading to the darkest shadow areas of Marci's shoes, hair ties, and overall straps.

Step 10: Next go over the shaded areas you just colored with YG06 and then YG11 extending your shading a bit further each time to create a seamless blend as seen below. Finish by adding a few dots to the shoes with G17 for some added texture and interest.

Step 11: Using C5 followed by C3 add shading to the darkest shadow areas of Marci's overalls, and the circles on Marci's hat.

Step 12: Next go over the areas you just shaded with first C3 and then C1, extending further each time to create a seamless blend. Then add some texture to the overalls by adding some small dots along the sides using C5 as seen in the photo below.

Step 13: To finish add your details and highlights with a white gel pen.

I just Love the new Gnome Marci, she really is so much fun to color! The possibilities really are endless, and she could fit so many different scenes and occasions just depending on how you color her.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that my coloring tutorial inspires you to try out your own creations using La-La Land Crafts Amazing stamps and dies!
Hugs- Mindy

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